Mini Implant Dentures

Mark Allan Padolsky   DDS MAGD FAOS FACMS

          Mini implant dentures are a new revolution in the field of implant dentistry as well as dentures dentistry. Implant supported dentures offer a number of advantages over regular dentures. They are secure, permanent and don't need regular dentures maintenance. They can be treated like your regular teeth. The implants also prevent bone loss in the jaw that occurs after tooth loss, a problem that can seem to visibly increase the aging process. The only real disadvantage to implant dentures has been the price, but thanks to mini-implants that problem too has been solved.

       Mini implant dentures are supported by mini-dental implants rather than regular implants. The dental implant cost of mini-dental implants is significantly cheaper than with regular implants. The cost of mini-implants is cheaper largely due to the fact that the dental implant surgery for mini implants is so much easier. The mini implant is designed like a screw with a ball retainer at the top. The implant is simply screwed in and a load can be placed on it immediately, unlike regular implants.

       Another reason mini implant dentures have become so popular is because the old dentures can be altered in order to fit the implants. With regular dentures new special dentures must be made to fit the implants. This advantage helps reduce the cost of the procedure once again, making dentures stabilization a great idea for those people with traditional dentures. If you would like to learn more about dentures stabilization and would like to speak with an experienced dental implant dentist please call 404.874.7428.

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