Implant Dentures Cost

Mark Allan Padolsky   DDS MAGD FAOS FACMS

          The implant dentures cost in now potentially much cheaper than it once was thanks to the invention of mini-dental implants. The cost of mini dental implants is significantly cheaper, largely because it makes dental implant surgery so much easier. With traditional implants the price goes up significantly, but traditional implant have their own advantages as well, although most people feel that the advantages of mini-implants far outweigh the advantages of regular dental implants. Of course the cost is often affected by factors that change with the case and even area you live in.

       The implant dentures cost for regular implants is often around 15,000 dollars or more. This is due largely to the dental implant cost of regular implants and the number of implants used, which can quickly add up. With implant supported dentures using traditional implants a new set of denture must be made especially for the implants. A retaining bar is used to connect the implants to the new dentures. This provides an extremely secure base for your dentures.

       The implant dentures cost for cases that use mini-dental implants is significantly cheaper, thanks mostly to the cheaper cost of mini-dental implants and the related dental implant surgery. Since mini-implants are so much cheaper the overall is significantly reduced when a number of implants need to be used. Another advantage to the price with mini-implants is that your old dentures can be retro-fitted to work with the implants, rather than getting new dentures made as with traditional implants. This can often help reduce the overall cost to around 4,000 dollars, depending on your particular case.

        Since our Atlanta dental implant dentist is experienced with mini-dental implants the implant dentures cost can be significantly reduced.  The implants can all be placed in a single day and you can walk out with dentures that don't shift when you are eating or speaking. If you would like to learn more about dental implants please call us at 404.874.7428.

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