Cost of Mini Dental Implants

Mark Allan Padolsky   DDS MAGD FAOS FACMS

          The cost of mini dental implants is significantly lower than the dental implant cost for regular dental implants. There are several reasons the cost of mini dental implants is less than regular implants. The most important reason that mini implants are cheaper for patients is that the dental implant surgery for mini implants is a much easier procedure than the procedure for standard dental implants. Mini dental implants are simply screwed into place, and while there is significantly more involved with this procedure, it is still much simpler than with standard dental implants.

       The cost of mini dental implants is also cheaper because of the type of procedure they are used in. Mini dental implants are used for denture stabilization. Mini implant dentures are cheap because of the use of mini dental implants and the fact that with mini dental implants the existing dentures can be altered to work with the implants, whereas with standard implants all new dentures must be made. The use of mini dental implants also allows a dentist to place the final dental restoration the day of the surgery, making things much easier on the patient.

        While most people think first of the cost of mini dental implants it is the cost of not getting implants that most people should consider. Dental bridges can fail and require extra attention to oral hygiene. Bone loss associated with tooth loss can appear to increase the speed of the aging process. The cost of maintaining dentures over the course of a lifetime can become extremely expensive. Getting implants can actually reduce the cost of maintain a healthy mouth over the course of a lifetime. If you would like to learn more about dental implants please call us at 404.874.7428.

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