Cost of Dental Implants

Mark Allan Padolsky   DDS MAGD FAOS FACMS

          The cost of dental implants is generally fairly expensive and with certain cases the costs can rise dramatically. That being said the dental implant cost is also reflected be a number of factors that can change easily. One of the biggest factors is the experience of your dental implant dentist. Continuing education in dentistry can be expensive and this is often reflected in what the patient is being charged. But experience with dental implant surgery can help decrease the chance of dental implant failure. So dentists with more experience with dental implants often have a higher success rate and are able to deal with complications much faster and easier.

       The cost of dental implants also depends on factors that can make you a candidate for implants. People with extensive bone loss may require other procedures like a bone graft in order for a dental implant to be placed while other people may be beyond help. Your age, health and medical history can all make an impact on whether or not you are a candidate and can reflect the cost if you are.

       The cost of dental implants is often expensive but more often than not they are well worth the investment. That abilities of dental implants to prevent bone loss and keep dental restorations secure over the course of a lifetime far outweigh the initial investment. This point is emphasized by the long terms complications involved with other dental restorations like bridges and traditional dentures. If you would like to learn more about the cost of dental implants for your unique case then please consider calling out Atlanta dental implant dentist at 404.874.7428.

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